I found this lovely article in the archives today by Guest Blogger: Nicole of Twins for the Show (by Nicole Carpenter of TwinsfortheShow.com). After reading and having a short laugh I wanted to share with you again! You are all amazing Supermoms around the world. Enjoy! We are all Supermom of Twins!

Super Mom of Twins

Immersing myself in the world of my children, I’ve done my share of dashing around the living room, flashing super powers and saving the good guys from the bad guys. I’ve learned, in the game of superheroes, there are always good guys, bad guys, sidekicks and super powers.

What I would give for a real super power. I’ve given it a lot of thought. With the wave of my hand, I would freeze time. Just like that the world would stop and I would keep going. I’d be a real Super Mom for sure. The house would be clean, the laundry folded and I’d take a shower (without babies crying in the background). I’d even find time for a nap. Clean and well rested, I’d wave my hand again, time would resume and I’d tickle the kids. I love the sound of my kids laughing.

I’m coming to grips with the fact that my life does not involve a super power. I’m not a superhero. I’m a Mom. Yet the reality is, being a mom requires some serious skills. Any mom can tell you so.

Since the twins were born, I’ve become an expert at strategic thinking. It’s as if I’m solving story problem after story problem (and I thought I was through with those in junior high).

Baby A will be hungry approximately 10 minutes after Baby B. That will be the same time Child 1 will need a ride to dance and Child 2 will throw a temper tantrum due to lack of sleep. How do you feed babies, run carpool and manage a time-out all at the same time?

In addition to strategic planning, I’m also a referee, a short-order cook, nurse, chief financial officer, party planner, teacher, family historian, and since we’ve been finishing our basement, a general contractor. Moms are so much more than “just a Mom.”

Just this week I tiled a bathroom, made baby food, made a birthday cake, and sewed some curtains. It’s nice to think I can do it all and hold it all together. But the truth of the matter is I can’t. I’m not a Super Mom. It’s only an illusion.

A peek into my superhero lair would reveal an empty pantry, dirty toilet seats, a daughter without any clean clothes to wear and—much to my horror—no toilet paper. We are completely out. Not a square. How did I let this happen? Thank goodness for my trusty sidekick, Super Husband who picks up the pieces as I drop them (and brings me home flowers-along with toilet paper).

So my secret identity has been revealed. No, I don’t get it all done all the time. And no, I can’t stop time to make it all happen. But I try. And maybe that’s what makes me a super mom after all. Today may not have gone well, and I may not sleep much tonight, but I’ll get up and try again tomorrow. Does that count as a super power?

Nicole Carpenter resides in Utah with her husband and four children, six years and younger (including identical twin boys). Nicole owns Sidewalk Communications, LLC and blogs at www.TwinsfortheShow.com