Happy Mothers Day Multiples and More Community! I do hope you are having a great day with your family. Do you remember your first Mothers Day?
Mine was in May 2010 and the girls would have been about 5 months old. I don’t necessarily remember the gifts or cards (although I am sure I have them saved somewhere away) but I remember spending the morning at the nursing home visiting my Nan with my mother and family. Many years before, before I was a mum myself, we had started a little tradition for the women in my family to go out for lunch on Mothers day and it was during the lunch my Nan would ask us what our daily and long term goals were. All of us around the table would have an opportunity to share and talk about their goals and its something I think we should do again next Mothers day. Unfortunately my Nan is no longer with us but I am so glad she met her great-grandchilden and we had some special photos before she passed away. Here is one photo I treasure with my twin daughters, my mum and my Nan in 2011.

Mothers day Multiples

What does Mother Mean to you?

So in celebration for Mothers day this year here is a fanatstic video just released where Women from 5 to 50 describe what ‘mother’ means to them. Women were invited from ages 5 – 50 (and every age in between) to respond to one word: “Mother.”

These are their responses.

Working Hard
Take care of you

I asked my 5 year old Adelaide and she said Love, Special and Happy. Whereas Moana says Hugs! I would say Wisdom.

What does Mother Mean to you? Share and comment below and we would love to hear.