If you’ve been living under a rock lately and haven’t noticed…people these days are all about going green. Sure, to eat organic you might have to fork over a few extra bucks at the grocery store each month; but it will be well worth it when you’re forking some seriously good food into your body. So if you’ve been considering jumping on the green bandwagon and getting your family to eat organic, here are some solid reasons why it’s a good idea to not only get healthy, but to save the planet while you’re at it:

1. Organic foods are jam-packed with nutrients. Numerous studies continue to yield the same results: organic foods are far richer in nutrients than any old regular foods that you would’ve eaten before you joined the healthy, green, organic movement. When you spring for organic produce over traditional produce, you and your children will be reaping the benefits of more vitamin C, antioxidants and essential minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium—awesome!

2. Organic foods support growth. As a parent, you want your kids to grow up to be healthy and happy right? Well of course your answer is yes! So here we have arrived at yet another reason why you should be feeding foods of the organic variety to your kiddos—organic foods encourage the growth of children’s growing brains and bodies. Because kids are much more susceptible to toxins than adults, the toxins found in foods that are not organic can hamper their growth—so steer clear, and steer towards foods that aren’t ridden with pesticides or genetic modifications.

3. Organic foods are free o’ pesticides. If the thought of ingesting harmful chemicals like the pesticides found on conventional foods isn’t enough to make you want to switch to organic foods, then there’s no telling what is! A scary thing about foods that are not organic is that almost twenty percent of them are genetically modified to create their own pesticides—and the pesticide-making process often continues inside of your body after you’ve eaten the food! Ready for more scary truths? Well, many of the regular foods you purchase are covered in damaging pesticides that are considered neurotoxins. So if you are concerned about maintaining the health of your kids’ brains and nerve cells, when you buy organic you can sleep easy at night knowing that your kids’ brains and nerve cells are healthy and happy because the organic foods are free of such chemicals.

4. Organic foods may lower the risk for cancer. It seems like everywhere we turn in this world, there is the big, giant C-word glaring at us in the face—and the United States Environmental Protection Agency believes that 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides and 30% of insecticides that are found on our food are linked to causing cancer. So to lower yours and your family’s chances of falling victim to the monstrous epidemic that is cancer, change up your diet by eating organic!

Cindy McDonald is a guest post author who enjoys writing about ways to get healthy as a family. In addition, Cindy also owns Best Christian Dating Sites where she writes about safe methods of online dating.

Do you buy organic? What products do you normally buy organic and which do you skip?