Sing and Dance Your 6-month Hearts Out! (or fall on your head repeatedly…whatever!)
As the mother of 6-month old B/G twins, life was getting pretty boring. I had already failed miserably at breastfeeding, dropped at least one of them, and was pretty sick of reading the same appropriate books over and over to the Crazies. What else was there to do? We needed to get out.

We needed an activity. Yeah, that’s the ticket…an activity.

We needed to sing and dance. After all, for the past 6 months, I had been their only source of entertainment. It’s time that someone else took over. I was TIRED!

Plus, I wasn’t that good of a singer…or dancer for that matter! Wait…who am I kidding? I’m the next Britney Spears for God’s sake!

So, we signed up for a music class. Before I go any further, I must admit that even though I joke, this was one of the best classes for the Crazies. They really got a lot out of it, but it made me work like a dog (and it’s all about me)!

The class was in the basement of a town building. I had to take a very scary manually operated lift to get to the basement because I felt the need to use my stroller…guess I was still weak from trying to survive the pregnancy and the first year. By the time I finally made it down there, I was sweating like Whitney Houston on crack…peeling layers off my myself and the Crazies. After all, if I was hot, they had to be sweltering, right?

The class always started with us singing hello to each other. It was lovely. This was me…
• Start singing…let’s sing hello, hello…
• What’s that kid’s name again?
• Pick M up off the floor…he can’t quite sit by himself yet…hehe…he keeps tipping over.
• Sing.
• Wow…that’s a boy???
• Lay H on her tummy…I forgot, she can’t sit up at all.
• Sing.
• Oh, haha…it’s our turn.
• Grin, stop crying, sit up, look happy to be here!
• Pick up a wailing H…she hates to be on her tummy.
• Pick up M.
• Stop looking at me…yes, he may have hit his head, but it’s so hard…see? I knock on it and he doesn’t even flinch!
• Where’s H? She tipped over again…ugh.
• Oh, right…sing!

It was downright nerve wracking!!!

I finally got the Crazies settled on the floor and we got up to “get some exercise.” Umm…hadn’t I already done that by getting them in and out of the car, squeezing us into the lift, vehemently praying that we’d make it out of the lift alive, disrobing at lightning speed, and keeping two infants upright for 2 whole songs?

Fine…I can’t get up unless someone holds M and keeps his head from bouncing on the rubber floor or takes a wailing H from my arms. Someone? Anyone?

I was on my own (joking…our instructor was awesome and always took the Heavy One).

After four classes, we switched to Saturdays where Husband could help me out. It was like my weight had been cut in half (ah…there’s a dreamy though, huh?). We participated in these classes for the next 9 months and the Crazies really got a lot out of it.

I’m so glad that I did it, but I’m sure that other mothers were thinking, “you did WHAT with twins???”